This is the Home of The Simulacrum, The Unit Simulacrum, The PI Paradox, Whole PI, The Byrdwell Model for Dimensions (BMD),
Dimension Model of Mass (DMM), and 
New Nuclear Model for the Periodic Table.

The Simulacrum is objectively, provably, mathematically true. 
The Simulacrum System and The Unit Simulacrum lead to The Pi Parodox, and Whole PI, then to a new understanding of Dimensions.
Then, the common pattern behind Space and Mass are seen,
and a New General Form of Dimensions is hypothesized and proven. 
The math is simple enough for anyone to prove for themselves.
So when one sees the common form behind Space and Mass,
one sees the World in New Way!

See the Simulacrum

Start with The Simulacrum,
The Full General Form of a Simulacrum is the Equation for Everything.
It is a new function. 
It is a new thoughtform.
Everything written is a Simulacrum.
Every Definition is a Unit Simulacrum.

Whole PI is Unification

You've been living in the Deconstruction.
Unite the two.
Realize the One.
The First One is two.
All are Dual.
New, Easy Equations for 3D Space:
The Byrdwell Model for Dimensions

See the Dimensions of All

New Dimension Equations for 3D Space
New Equations Show 10 Dimensions of Mass
See the pattern behind Space and Mass.
Dimensions of any Unit Definition