Blog for Byrdwell Model for Dimensions

The step from the Bottom Up Solution to the Updated Bottom Up Solution was a generalization, 

The bigger step from the Updated Bottom Up Solution to The Simulacrum System was a generalization.

The Simulacrum applied to pi led to the Pi Unit Simulacrum, which led to The Pi Paradox.

The Byrdwell Solution to the Pi Paradox is a second symbol for pi to represent its second of two meanings, called Whole PI.

Whole PI is a unification of thought. It is putting the two (radii) back together as one (diameter).

The Equations for Dimensions are 2(PI)d^p/2p, for the FIrst, and (PI)d^p/2p for the others (2nd, 3rd).

The equations for Dimensions can be generalized to 2x^p/2p for the first and x^p/2p for others.

The whole thing started when I realized that the second mass, helium, stood in relation to the first mass, hydrogen, as the second Dimension of Space stood in relation to the first Dimension of Space.

The First Dimension of Space is Circumference of a unit diameter circle, C = 2(PI)d^p/2p = 2(PI)*1^1/(2*1) = (PI)*1/1. 

The Second Dimension of Space is the Area of a unit diameter circle, A = (PI)d^p/2p = (PI)*1^2/(2*2) = (PI)*1/4.

The First Mass of a unit mass is M1= 2m^p/2p = m/1 = 1/1. The Second Mass of a unit mass is m^p/2p = m/4 = 1/4.

The denominators in 1/1 to 1/4 in the first two masses went from 1 --> 4, H = 1, He = 4, the same way that the denominators of the first two Dimensions of Space went from being 1/1 to 1/4.

When I realized the similarity, it was pretty easy to make the next generalization that Space and Mass both follow the pattern 2x^p/2p for the FIrst and x^p/2p for the others. These are the General Form of Equations for Dimensions (GFED). 

Space, d, is the first application of the GFED. Mass, m, is the second application of the GFED.

We could envision other applications, such as time, t, for 2t^p/2p for t=1, and t^p/2p for others.

Based on The Simulacrum System and the Interpretation Matrix that ties thoughforms to symbols, we can generalize further to say that every Unit Definition and new written symbol for a thoughtform represents the First Dimension of that thoughtform, 2x^p/2p.