The Full Simulacrum System has The Simulacrum and the Anti-Simulacrum.

The Unit Simulacrum is a Special Case of
The Simulacrum System. One value is One.

The Unit Simulacrum makes one ask:
What is the Unit?

What is the One? What is the Ratio?

Examining the Unit and Pi in The Pi Unit Simulacrum 
leads to The Pi Paradox. 
Solving The Pi Paradox leads to Whole PI.
Whole PI leads to New Equations for Dimensions.
It all starts with considering the nature of the Unit in The Unit SImulacrum
See the World in a New Way!

See the Simulacrum

Start with The Unit Simulacrum.
Every Unit Definition is one.
The meaning of a Simulacrum is held in The Interpretation Matrix,
which ties meanings to symbols and ratios of symbols.
The Interpretation Matrix is based on Consciousness and Knowledge.
Everything is a ratio to its Unit Definition.
Everything is ratios of ratios of ratios...

The PI Simulacrum

Make The Pi Unit Simulacrum.
Examine the unit, it reveals 
The  Pi Paradox. 
You may realize you've been living in the Deconstruction, 1/(1+1).
Unite the two.
There are new, easy equations for Dimensions of Space
that show the Pattern of Dimensions.
The First One is two and
All are Dual in
The Byrdwell Model for Dimensions
2(x^p)/2p, (x^p)/2p

See the Dimensions of All

When The Byrdwell Model for Dimensions (BMD)
is applied to mass, it gives
The Dimension Model of Mass (DMM).
These new equations show 
10 Dimensions of Mass
2(m^p)/2p, (m^p)/2p
and a pattern of deconstructions
See the pattern behind Space and Mass.

The Simulacrum System Slides

See the Three-Part Seminar

Thes are currently the only extant recordings of Dr. Byrdwell giving his seminar on The Bottom Up Solution, The Simulacrum System, and how those led to the Fibonacci Series, the Phi Ratio, pi, The Pi Paradox, Whole PI, the Byrdwell Model for Dimensions, and the Dimension Model of Mass.

1. Seminar 1

Part 1. Fats and oils, the Bottom Up Solution, the Fibonacci Series, Phi 

2. Seminar 2

Part 2. The Simulacrum System, The Pi Unit Simulacrum, The Pi Paradox, the Byrdwell Model for Dimensions (BMD), the Dimension Model of Mass (BMD)

3. Seminar 3

Part 3. Putting it All Together.
Unification of the two into One 
times three dimensions. 
Being the one of the all and 
the One that is All.

Philosophy of The Simulacrum and Whole PI

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The whole thing started when I realized that the second mass, helium, stood in relation to the first mass, hydrogen, as the second Dimension of Space stood in relation to the first Dimension of Space.The denominators in 1/1 to 1/4 in the first two masses ...
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Discovery of Whole PI

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