Philosophy of The Simulacrum and Whole PI

There are important understandings to be learned by examining some of the inherent Critical Values and Critical Limits within the Simulacrum System. There is tremendous understanding that can be obtained from special cases in The Simulacrum System, most importantly, The Unit Simulacrum. The Unit Simulacrum is a Simulacrum that has one specification: one value is 1. Thus, the formal name of The Unit Simulacrum is the First Specified Form of a Simulacrum (FSFS). 

When one value is 1, all simulacrum solutions end up being 1 + ratio or 1 + 1/ratio. Since 1 + ratio = ratio +1, and adding 1 to something is called incrementing that something, The Unit Simulacrum is also called The First Increment.

If you increment the numerator of a ratio, ratio + 1, that is called The First Increment. If you increment the denominator of a ratio, 1/(ratio+1), the overall value decreases, or decrements. Examine 1 = (1/1). if we increment the denominator, we get (1/(1+1)), which equals 1/2. 1/(1+1) is The First Decrement.

In the three-level deep nested solutions in the Bottom Up Solution, and later The Simulacrum System, the Critical Limits led to nested First Decrement solutions that gave ratios of Fibonacci numbers, or Fibonacci ratios. When Fibonacci ratios are extended, they converge to the transcendental number Phi. When I followed the math, and it produced the Fibonacci ratios and Phi, I realized I was really on to something fundamental. 

If The Unit Simulacrum provided new insight into Fibonacci ratios and Phi, what other transcendental numbers has man always thought about? The first obvious answer was pi. I constructed the Pi Unit Simulacrum (PiUS), and it forced me to think about the nature of the defining unit (the Unit Definition) for pi. That inescapably led to realization of The Pi Paradox. The natural solution to The Pi Paradox was development of a new symbol for the new understanding of PI, known as Whole PI. 

Understanding Whole PI represents a unification. The two broken halves are put together, and a new, simplified series of equations for Space are given.  Almost immediately after new equations for dimensions of Space were discovered, it was realized that Mass also obeyed those same equations! Thus, we could start to talk about Dimensions of Mass in the same way we can talk about the new form of equations for Dimensions of Space. The common form of Dimensions behind both Space and Mass is the Byrdwell Model for Dimensions. 

There are two primary principles in the Byrdwell Model for Dimensions:

1. The First One is two.

2. All are dual.

This is just The First Post of the Philosophy of The Simulacrum and Whole PI. There is great knowledge to be gained by contemplating the Simulacrum and Whole PI. More personal reflections will be posted over time.

Go forth in knowledge!